Timehop Reflection . . .

My god I love a good Timehop in the morning. This last week has been a real treat as it was exactly a year ago John and I went to Norway on my first holiday.

2016 started as the worst year of my life. Losing my mom changed everything and for months I was a shell of myself. I decided to take the world by the balls and wanted to experience things and live my life. Yes I was nearly 20 stone but I honestly didn’t care, I hadn’t had my wake up call yet, I hadn’t faced up to the truth of how deeply unhappy I really was.

So we decided to book the trip of a lifetime to Norway on a cruise around the Fjords. You cant get more beautiful than that.

Anyway back to inspiration behind this post . . . I woke up today and Timehop presented me with this. 

This was me pretty much a year ago on top of a mountain in Norway. Look at that big smile on my face. I was so good at wearing my mask you would never know how unhappy I truly was. Little did this girl know in 2 months time her life was about to change forever. 

The year or so from then and now would have passed by no matter what I did. The months would have kept on rolling and days kept on ticking by. But in that time I have totally transformed my life. Everything is different now. Everything is better. 

If you want something you have to make it happen. Don’t wait for Monday, don’t wait for the 1st of the month. Don’t waste a single second of your life, because you are worth so much more than that. Take every moment you have a squeeze every last drop of life out of it. 

You Got This! ❤

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