A Short Weight  . . .

So today has been a bit of a weird one. Started as most Sundays off do, at the gym for a mini session before spin. I do love me some spin!!

The gym have finally invested in some new scales and a quick 2 minute weigh in to calibrate my weight on the new scales seriously sent me a little crazy. 

Throughout this whole journey I have worked so so hard. I honestly believe you get out what you put in, and I have given it my all and so . . . I got amazing results. Week after week my scale weight dropped, never once did I gain any weight. Until today. 
When we changed our training style a few weeks back, and entered into ‘Phase 2’ I knew this meant less weight loss and more muscle gain. I was happy to start being weighed less and focus more on how I felt and how my shape was changing. I understand that I can’t gain muscle and lose scale weight. And that’s fine. The most important thing to me now is working to build a body I love and am proud of. 

Today’s weigh in showed a tiny increase of weight from 75.7kg to 76.1kg. But this is the first time I saw the scales go up. And yes I freaked. Yes I cried. Yes I got scared. Yes I got demotivated. But as always a pep talk from Alan, and a nice hour walk when I got home cleared my head. 

I am happier and healthier today than I have ever been in my life. Today I went out in public, to shops and everything, in shorts. Legs out. And those shorts are a bloody size 10. I love my new life. I love the body I am starting to build. People are noticing the definition improving in my arms. And I’m getting stronger week after week. I am not giving this up for anything. The fear of going back to the old me can be quite overwhelming and when it hits it is so powerful. But I need a little more faith in me. Why would I go back to the old me when it’s so much more fun being the new me?

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