Appreciate The Small Stuff . . .

So it’s quite and incredible thing losing all this weight. The milestones and hurdles you reach and overcome change you over time. You become stronger, more independent, more powerful. But just recently I am trying to be more mindful of the small things. The everyday things that change when you start to become the person you deserve to be.

  1. SHOPPING – one of the small things I changed was to park as far away from the supermarket as possible. I then dump the trolley and carry the shopping to the car. This has gotten so much easier over time. I used to live in a second floor flat and slowly was able to carry my shopping up the stairs. No lift for me. Shopping trips are much more enjoyable when you can carry your bags without an issue.
  2. BATHTIME – random I know . . . But I fit in the bath now. And I bloody love a good bath. No longer do I have the lay on my side. 😀
  3. CHUB RUB – we’ve all felt it’s evil wrath between our legs and under our boobs. Well that is a thing of the past. No more anti chaffing cream. No more cycling shorts under skirts. No more sweating in leggings. Bare legs here we go!
  4. PANTS & PJS – losing weight is expensive. A whole new wardrobe every few months. But one thing I didn’t account for was new pants, bras and pjs. Suffice to say I still wear my old size 20 PJs. And they DO NOT fit! 😂
  5. HEELS – they don’t hurt anymore. It’s a revelation. No sore feet, no sore knees. I can wear heels for a full night out. Makes sense I guess. Less weight so less pressure on those feet and legs. 
  6. BEING IGNORED – ok not ignored . . . But not recognised. This happened twice today. It still feels so good. Makes me take a step back and realise just what I have achieved.

            I call these my NSVs . . . Non Scale                                    VICTORIES

                          What are yours?


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