The Funk . . .

So I wasn’t due another post quite so soon. But am really finding this blog a great outlet so here you go . . . I’m back. 

Yesterday me and Hannah smashed a REALLY tough tabata class at the gym. I felt so pumped afterwards I stayed to lift some weights and push myself. Sometimes the mood just takes you!

Post class selfie. . . Always a must

After lasts night success I was up bright and early ready to smash it again before work this morning. Although this was different. I woke up tired, went to the gym tired and my mood had just shifted 180 from yesterday. It is incredible how this can happen overnight!

I decided to try my had at the Barbell 500 sequence this morning. Which is honestly as tough as it sounds! 

From a previous more successful session

10 excercises with the bar. 5 reps of each exercise. For time. As you can see above that attempt was completed in 29 minutes. Today . . . 43! FORTY THREE. 4 & 3.

As you can possible gather. I was not happy with that time. I felt so defeated, deflated and overall shit. And this set me up for the rest of the day.

I know it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme but to me it does. I am my own worst enemy at times. I am my biggest critic instead of my biggest fan. Something I really need to work on. One bad day doesn’t define me, or you. What defines us is how we react after the event. Unfortunatly I let myself win this time and my mood has been rock bottom for the entire day. 

I do try . . .

We had a little picnic at work today too. Bicuits, chocolate, sweets . . . Everything you can imagine. And after this morning I felt myself slipping. But I didn’t give in. I resisted temptation and stayed strong. I have worked so damn hard I am not going to let this morning ruin it.

So I am drowning my sorrows in the bath, with a trashy magazing and waiting for my chicken burger’s. 

This journey has been incredible but its not all plain sailing. Sorry to say!

But keep your goals in mind and you can get through anything. 

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