Golden 100!


So . . . I did it. I fucking did it.

I have just got back from the gym, as you can probably tell . . .


Yes thats me the sweaty mess. Not even showered or eaten yet. I just had to grab the computer to log this feeling.

For the past couple of weeks I have been so focused on hitting the magic 100lb weight loss. It seems like I have been a pound or two off it for an age. It’s only been a week, but for an impatient person like me, that is a very long time!

Me and Alan decided to stop weighing on a weekly basis a while back now, instead we shifted to weighing once a month. Alongside this we complete a full Skulpt body scan to track body fat % and muscle quality, this is part of the shift from scale weight goals to a body composition focus. However, with the golden 100 in sight, this went out the window and I was jumping on the scale at every possible opportunity. Our weigh ins have always been during a morning session to ensure consistency. However this week I was scheduled 2 evening work outs. Whether by accident or design I do not know, only 1 person can answer that! ­čÖé

So I honestly thought the 100 wouldn’t happen this week. Since my weight loss has slowed, there is no way an evening weigh in would be kind enough to give me the magic number. But I felt really good today, I felt confident and energetic. I have been listening to some mindful podcasts and the positive energy is begining to rub off (will do a post on this soon).

Pre workout and pre weigh in . . . ready to smash it

So after a little catch up I decided to bite the bullet and weigh in.

I had worked out a few weeks back what the scales needed to say to get me to my 100lb target. But honestly today in the moment, on those scales, had forgotten. How can that be?

So after some math by myself and Alan – the truth was out.

Starting weight 123KG – current weight 77KG

77KG, a beautiful round number. Anyone that knows me will understand how important that is ­čÖé

That means my total weight loss to date is now OVER 100 lb.

Current weight 77KG. Total loss to date = 102.08lb
Total weight loss to date = 46KG the gym don’t have one dumbbell big enough so I settle for 2!

I really wish I could have bottled the emotions felt in that moment. The rush of elation, pride, ┬árelief, just everything. It was so overwhelming. I’m getting teary thinking about it now.

This has just been the single greatest thing I have ever EVER done.

I am so so proud, so so happy and just so grateful to every single person who has been by my side, supported me, commented and just been fucking amazing human beings throughout this whole thing. I could not have done it with you all. My squad, my work mom, my gym mom, John and of course Alan. You are my army, my rock and I am so lucky to have you all on my side.

Anyway enough of the soppy. I did still have a PT session to get through . . .

So I am still buzzing, still on cloud 9, still elated with the result of this journey. Now to decide . . . WHAT’S NEXT??

Things That Weigh 100LB

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