It’s all about that prep . . .

Everyone always bangs on about meal prep and planning and I never understood its true importance until I began my journey. You need to help yourself as much as you can, you need to remove situations that put you in a tricky position. You need to be prepared and have resources in place for when things don’t go to plan, because life has a habit of mixing things up.

I have planned my meals and prepped my food since the beginning. I honestly hand on heart believe this is one of the key factors to my weight loss. At no point during the week do I wonder to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I know what I am having each day, and this means I don’t get hungry and don’t make the wrong choice out of circumstance.

How I Prep . . .

Sunday – every Sunday night me and John (the boyf) do our weeks shopping list. I have a non fancy calendar on the wall in the kitchen and plan each meal. Breakfast, second breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. I work this around my work rota and my gym schedule which I also receive on a Sunday evening.

Monday – Monday is shopping day. This is regardless of what I’m working or what I’m doing gym-wise. So even if I’m in Tesco at 9pm, my food shop will be done on a Monday night.

Evening Meal(s) – so I am one of those people who can’t eat food that has gone past its best before or sell by date. I would have serious issues doing a weeks worth of prep in one go. By day 3 there would be no way I’m eating that. So I choose to prep every night. Each evening we will cook that nights dinner, tomorrows breakfast, second breakfast and lunch. This repeats every day of the week and works for me.

This is my system, and it works for me. You need to find what works for you, and make it fit into your life. It’s important to understand that healthy eating isn’t a diet, its a lifestyle, and to be consistent it needs to become habit.

My prep toolbox. Meal planner and tupperware.



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